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Nothing deceptive about it, you should read up on it via the Metalink tab 
"Configuration Manager".    We've set it up on a couple of environments to test 
it out and it seems to speed up the process.    I've always found that the 
first time you open a tar there is a period of back and forth with Oracle 
requesting information.  
There is alot of information on Metalink about what information they are 
collecting, tutorials etc.


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One of my sysadmin's got this from Oracle today. They call it a "patch" but 
from what I can tell this would be a new install. Anyone have any specs on 
exactly what all this software monitors, how often does it "talk" to Oracle 
etc....this seems a bit deceptive to me. 

- Ethan

        Subject:  Patch Announcement
        Oracle strongly recommends that customers install patch 5567658*, 
following the instructions outlined in the ReadMe file. 
        This patch will install Oracle Configuration Manager, our lightweight 
configuration collector that enables you to fully utilize the proactive support 
capabilities offered by Oracle Support¿s Configuration Support Manager (CSM).   
        CSM provides you with:
        ·         Healthchecks, Security and General Alerts ¿ specific to your 
        ·         Track, manage and support - Oracle configurations and Service 
        Oracle is committed to delivering ongoing innovation in automated 
support to customers. Our improved online Service Request (SR) process, 
together with Configuration Support Manager (CSM), underscores that 
commitment¾by reducing the time and effort involved in logging SRs. 
        Log SRs Faster
        Submit and track your SRs faster with:
        ·         Simplified User Interface - Fewer screens, fewer questions, 
easier file uploads
        ·         Save a Draft of Your SR - Edit and save a draft of your SR to 
submit later 
        ·         New ¿Problem Clarification¿ Field - Add more detail to 
clarify issues with pertinent information
        Detailed information about CSM, Oracle Configuration Manager, and our 
SR process improvements are available on Oracle MetaLink.
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you have received this e-mail in error or are not the intended recipient, you 
may not use, copy, disseminate or distribute it; do not open any attachments, 
delete it immediately from your system and notify the sender promptly by e-mail 
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