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There are 3 files for the linux DB server. But there is no separate client
CD. Do I have to download all?

Oracle9i Database Release 2 ( for Linux x86 
 Download the Complete Files 
   ship_9204_linux_disk1.cpio.gz (538,906,295 bytes) (cksum - 245082434) 
   ship_9204_linux_disk2.cpio.gz (632,756,922 bytes) (cksum -2575824107) 
   ship_9204_linux_disk3.cpio.gz (296,127,243 bytes) (cksum - 96915247)


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On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 12:35:45 -0500, Subbiah, Nagarajan
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> Sorry, I wasn't clear. Is there any 9i version of the client? The 
> client will connect to only 8i and 9i version of the database. Not 
> sure is the 10G client will work with 8i or 9i. All the client linux 
> machine will do is establish the connection to the database and query 
> some v$tables.

Go to the page I sent you the link for.  Scroll down.  Where is says
'Previous Database Releases'.  There's a link to the 9i files there.


It's better to ask a silly question than to make a silly assumption.

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