RE: Oracle 24x7 shops and Patches-Upgrades.

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Cant be done w/o multiple redundant hardware.  If your job security is
based on 24 x 7 available w/o redundant hardware, you better be keeping
your resume current.  If you don't have a staging db, you cannot do 24 x


Andrew W. Kerber 
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Hi Gurus,

This seems very common issue but I am confronted with a requirement
where we need to have 24x7 availability, no exceptions.
There is no way we can have staging server (for patch testing before
deploying on the production.) and we need to accommodate 
software upgrades without a planned downtime.

I'm also wondering how shops having 24x7 availability addresses such

Since I'm focused solely on Oracle, I'm not aware if any database server
allow patching/upgrading without bringing down the server? 
Is any mainstream database server offer such solution?


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