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You SA's are wrong: you do need some 32bit packages.

Checkout mos note 169706.1 "Oracle Database on Unix AIX,HP-UX,Linux,Mac OS 
X,Solaris,Tru64 Unix Operating Systems Installation and Configuration 
Requirements Quick Reference (8.0.5 to 11.2)"
It lists all required packages needed for 11g and specifies for which packages 
it also needs the 32bit version.

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   I'm trying to install on 64-bit Red Hat Linux.  In doing the 
install, I get five pop-up errors stating that the 32-bit libraries can't be 
built.  In checking with the SAs, they told me that we don't need the 32-bit 
libraries, and that they won't install them, as everything is 64-bit on the 
server.  I've been requested to ensure that the install is "clean", meaning 
that there were no errors during the install process.  
   My question is: Is there any way to tell the Oracle Installer to not try to 
build the 32-bit libraries so I can get a clean install?

Thank you,

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