Re: Oracle 11.2 as RMAN Catalog - My experience

  • From: Avadhani mys <avadhanimys@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cicciuxdba@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 00:48:31 +0530

Thanks Alan,

This is really good notification, in fact we have 11g R2 version database
which is ready to go live as a catalog database. We will think of
alternative or wait for some time till the fixes to those bugs are released.


On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 7:40 PM, Guillermo Alan Bort

> Listers
>    A few days ago someone decided that one of our catalogs should be moved
> to 11g, they chose to use This is a small catalog, there are about
> 50 databases in it, most of them on AIX and only a few on Linux, with
> versions going from to, interestingly, there were no 11g
> databases.
>     The migration went flawlessly, schema export, import, statistics,
> catalog resync, first backup, catalog was updated correctly... so I thought
> it was a happy upgrade (I had never seen one before)... until they started
> to come... endless traces of ORA-7445 and ORA-600, database crashes each
> time the dump dest filled up. My coworker tried opening an SR but the
> interface did not work for him, another day went by, several (though not
> all) backups were failing due to problems with the catalog. They'd connect
> all right but then during the implicit resync they'd crash. I finally
> managed to open a Service Request, after answering a lot of questions and
> doing my own investigation in the knowledge base... there are bugs in 11g
> and there appears to be no solution.
>     The main bug is being worked on at present time so there is not even a
> workaround.
>      It looks like we might be reverting the migration, though this has not
> been decided yet.
>      This is only a warning, so other people don't hit the same wall.
>      Now, I've worked with Oracle for several years now, new software is
> always buggy as hell (reminds me of, or OracleAS 10g 9.0.4) and
> after a dew patchsets it becomes quiet stable (,,,
>,, etc)
>      I'd recommend anyone planning to migrate their catalog to 11g to hold
> off for a few months until the grosest bugs are solved.
> cheers
> Alan.-

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