Oracle 10g Grid table partitions

  • From: "Mercadante, Thomas F \(LABOR\)" <Thomas.Mercadante@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:13:54 -0400



I just looking through the 10g grid database and noticed that I have
three partitioned tables with a ton of partitions:


SQL> select table_name, count(*) from user_tab_partitions

  2  group by table_name;


TABLE_NAME                       COUNT(*)

------------------------------ ----------

MGMT_METRICS_1DAY                     700

MGMT_METRICS_1HOUR                    366

MGMT_METRICS_RAW                     8076

SYS_IOT_OVER_27433                   8076




The three metric tables have partitions dating back to when we installed
the software - early 2005.  The partitions do not have any data in them.
I havew two questions 


Does anyone else have these many partitions?

Is it safe to drop them?


10G Grid only keeps data for 7 days.  The partitions are broken up by
day.  So why the heck does it keep these partitions hanging around?  I
submitted the same question to Metalink but thought I'd ask you as well.


By the way - the repository is already at 18Gig and growing.  Not a
light weight product.



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