Ora 9i docs in Plucker format now available

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 14:48:25 -0500

Hey all,

Biju Thomas has most graciously offered to host this file.  It can be =
accessed from his site (I believe this is as-yet unpublished -- until =
Google gets a hold of it) at:


Special thanks to Biju for hosting this.  I'd also like to thank Kent =
and Todd for offering as well.


Rich Jesse                        System/Database Administrator
rich.jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      QuadTech, Sussex, WI USA

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Subject: OT: Ora 9i docs in Plucker format (FORWARD OFFERS TO ME =

Hey all,

For my own use, I've converted a subset of the Oracle 9i docs to Plucker =
format (offline web reader) for my Palm PDA (Sony Clie NX60).  The =
subset of the docs is most of the Server set, minus RMAN and a few =
others that I don't currently use in my job (sorry!), in order to keep =
the filesize to an absolute minimum.

At first I did this as just sort of a geek thing ("See! I've got =
portable Oracle docs!"), but I'm finding it to be very handy.  And I'm =
thinking others might, too.  Here's the catch:  The .PDB is about 9.5MB =
and as my 'net uplink is only 384kbps, so I'm looking for someone to be =
able to host this file for those on ORACLE-L that would like to take a =

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