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I know that I am cheap and easy. That is one among the consequences of
the latest fashion known as the outsourcing. In 1998. in NYC, I was
able to get $120/hr. Fortunately for us, the sight of two guys kissing
seems to be more appalling and important then the fact that our salaries 
have been falling like .... well, like a rock (my apologies to Buddy Holly 
and Chevy). It's a painful topic which I prefer not to discuss any further 
on this list.

As far as hybrids are concerned, my next car is definitely going to be one.
I really hate those large gas guzzling fu-mobiles (like Hummer) in which you

can enjoy the sight of little red robin choking in gas fumes in your 
rearview mirror. Birds are dropping from the air as you drive. 40 gallons 
of 93 octane - $100. Hummer - $80.000. The sight of the environment
and dieing in your rearview mirror - priceless. Some things in life are
for everything else there is  MasterCard (TM).

As for Linux, it is so much Unix-like that everything you know about
Unix will hold true on Linux. As a matter of fact, Linux is more Unix-like 
then AIX. If you are Unix oriented site, then there is nothing to think
the answer to the question "where do you want to go today" is "to".
Anywhere but Redmond, WA. As for the anecdotes, I don't have any. Linux has
seldomly given me anything to talk about. In fact, it is boring. It just
As for my political leanings and beliefs, I will not reveal those on this

Mladen Gogala
A & E TV Network
Ext. 1216

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> Hi Mladen,
> 1) You are not expensive - 50$ US p.h. is a fair price (probably the 
> travel to Australia would be a major component of the cost) - 
> BTW hope 
> you get your civic soon (hopefully the hybrid one)
> 2)  Personally, Linux would be my OS of choice - I have experience in 
> both OSes and I am not uncomfortable with Bill 
> Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates - also our main 
> db system 
> is on AIX so we have a lot of shell script and Unix knowledge and the 
> whole team feels more comfortable with Linux, 
> buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut there is a Infrastructure 
> group in our organisation and their preference was Windows as
>         a) we can't buy another AIX box,
>         b) we will not allow app server to be installed on the same 
> server where the production db is located (we already let the b!@$*y 
> Gentia in)
>         c) adding Linux  would add another OS to the organisation and 
> that would cause issues with our S.O.E. (standard operating 
> environment) 
> [so lame excuse that I had to keep my face straight]
>         d) I spent four months beating Oracle Application 
> Server 10g for 
> Windoze into submission, so I do have some (not great) 
> experience but...
> 3) Discoverer is still an unbelievable piece of ...., well sranje....
> 4) The posting was more an inquiry about the real life 
> experiences (any 
> anecdote is welcome) rather than the war of OSes.

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