RE: Open source/freeware stress testing tools?

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Thanks for the URLs.     =20

The testing I'm performing is a comparision of JFS/AIO with JFS2 mounted
with the CIO option
on AIX 5.2 against Oracle  =20

My idea was to test various scenarios, OLTP, BATCH, and QUERY.   The
linxcel tool has exactly=20
what I want with respect to test options, however, the TPS numbers it is
generating are out of=20
whack.   For example, it gives me a TPS of 1.3 for a batch run
consisting of 200 serial sessions,=20
each inserting 50000 rows.  Actual runtime was 3 minutes 13 seconds.

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I am in the process of eveluating

Ron Reidy
Lead DBA
Array BioPharma, Inc.

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Does anyone know of any URL(s) for open source/freeware stress test
tools? Googling, I came up with this: =20

I'm giving this one a whirl, but I'd like to try others, if any exist.


Jeffery D Thomas
Thomson Information Services
Thomson, Inc.

Email: jeff.thomas@xxxxxxxxxxx

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