RE: Online "tablespace" reorg ?

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10g OEM (Grid Control) appears to do online tablespace reorgs by means of 
generating a whole lot of code to perform dbms_redef and all the attending 
actions for all the objects in the tablespace. So you could conceivably 
generate such a script (without running it) via OEM on a test database, save it 
to a file, run it on test and then run it on your production system. First 
thing OEM will do is scan for objects that cannot be online redefined with 
dbms_redef. It will also tell you to set up an external proc for handling LONGs 
if you don't already have one setup. I wouldn't trust OEM to do it unsupervised 
even on a test system, though, at this point, as I've seen errors even on 
"successful" online table reorgs performed by it. I'm still researching it 
though, haven't run any tablespace reorgs yet.

Max Pakhutkin 

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Is there such a thing as online tablespace reorg?

All, I've been tasked to perform an "online reorg of our tablespaces"
  From my research I come to these findings.

1 - tablespace reorg is not a popular topic and only seems to be  available
using oem which  due to our diverse environment, I need to use  a
sqlplus script.  From  reading ask tom he is claiming there really isn't
anything to "reorg" in a tablespace - recreate yes - reorg no
Is this correct?

2 My plans would be to create new tablespaces using LMT and ASSM, then alter
table move .. new tablespace.  The LMT would minimizes future fragmentation
and ASSM would benefit by using the alter table shrink; statement to alter
the HWM in the future.

1 - Is there such a thing as online reorg of tablespaces and if so
documentation on its use?
2 - Are there any issues that  I'm overlooking in item 2


side note -dbms_refefination looks like what I've been told to look for but
that is on the table level and not going to help because the tablespaces
are  DMT. I don't need to redef the tables I'm really looking to reclaim
space from the tablespaces as well as putting the tables in LMT and ASSM

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