Of Character Sets, Performance and Storage...

  • From: "Orr, Steve" <sorr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "oracle-l" <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 09:49:09 -0700

I've got this data warehouse with an nls_characterset of WE8ISO8859P1
and an nls_nchar_characterset of AL16UTF16 but all the stored data is
only US-ASCII. (The data is from Apache logs capturing tons of web
application activity much of which comes from URI's which by W3C
definition is US-ASCII.)

The Oracle9i Globalization manual states: "Single-byte character sets
result in better performance than multi-byte character sets, and they
are also more efficient in terms of space requirements."

So... The obvious question is, How much more efficient and better
performing are they in actual practice? Also, I'm thinking US7ASCII and
WE8ISO8859P1 are both single-byte and possess equivalent storage
requirements and performance characteristics even though one is 7 bit
and the other is 8 bit. Is this true?

The current DW is not too big to recreate in the downsized US7ASCII
character set but is it even worth it? The DW will be getting quite
large so it's important now to address the bits and bytes storage and
performance concerns.

Of Mice and DBA's,
Steve Orr,
Bozeman, Montana

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