OT Re: CPU count vs. CPU clock speed

  • From: Mladen Gogala <gogala@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kevinc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 15:37:42 -0500

Kevin, I hope you will not mind my moving this thread a bit OT:

On 01/20/2006 03:11:52 PM, Kevin Closson wrote:
> >>>And the CPU time spent servicing interrupts (or at least 
> >>>their top halves) was reported under the unlucky process'es 
> >>>system time?
> depends on the OS...if you consider Linux an OS, 

Ah, at last somebody who doesn't like Unix. I must say that I find dire faults
with all types of Unix. Here is the beef that I have with the beautiful product
of the Bell Labs and all of its heirs:

1) No lock manager or system lock services
2) Sorry state of the monitoring capabilities. It's very hard to find out
   which process pages the most or which process is generating the most of I/O
3) 8 bit status field. That causes a ton of problems when you want to return
   detailed error information to a shell.
4) Sorry state of the manual pages. Anyone who has ever tried VMS help utility 
   will know what am I talking about.
5) Uninterruptible waits. If my process is waiting for an I/O from tape, I 
cannot kill
   it without entering the server room and ejecting the tape.
6) Sorry state of the user management. Things like privileges and quotas are 
not an
   essential part of user information.
7) Lack of the performance features, like I2O 

Mladen Gogala


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