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The worst was when I headed close to 40 good people in Oracle Premium Services in the late 90's, and I wanted them all to become OCP's: The Performance part of it was completely, utterly wrong and rubbish (based on 8i, as I recall it).

There was nothing relating to time in it - and this after some years with Anjo's YAPP paper and others beginning to wake up to time-based performance handling...

My guys (and girls) had to unlearn what they had learnt (we were damn proud in Premium of being among the first to use the time-based method) before going to the exam, then put their head back on again when they returned. It was not something they kept quiet about, for sure!

I think it began to get a little (very little) better in 9i, and in 10g it looks acceptable - the test, that is.


Anjo Kolk wrote:

I find every OCP question a trick question. Some times you have to answer the question wrong to get it right :-)

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A bit OT:
That would be a marvelous trap/question in the OCP exams, much
clever than the grammatical we usually get.
B. Polarski

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Right, session_cached_cursors can have an impact in reducing the
amount of work a parse does, but, any time a piece of client code
makes a parse call, Oracle MUST parse. It may be a hard parse, a
soft parse, or a session cursor cache hit, but it is a parse, none
the less. The *ONLY* way to reduce parsing is to change the
program to parse less.
As others speculated previously, perhaps there's an ODBC or JDBC
driver, or something, that has an optimization that reduces the
number of parse calls, that was picked up on the upgrade from 8i
to 9i.....

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