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  • Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 10:31:42 -0500

Hi Oracle Gurus, 
"PL/SQL Cursor Caching

Prior to release of the patch set, the maximum number of cursors
could be cached for fast lookup by PL/SQL was bounded by the value of the 
init.ora parameter open_cursors. If you currently have open_cursors set to a

high value (for example, greater than 1000), it is likely that this is
large numbers of PL/SQL cursors to be cached in the shared pool. This could
to issues with memory management, frequent reloading of library cache
and ORA-04031 errors.

Patch set alleviates the issue by changing the init.ora parameter 
which determines the upper bound for PL/SQL cursor caching from open_cursors

Most users will not need to modify the value of either of these parameters.
you already have session_cached_cursors set to a value greater than the 
open_cursors parameter, then this change will have no performance impact
your system.

However, if you have session_cached_cursors set to zero, or set at a value 
significantly lower than the open_cursors parameter, and you are concerned
PL/SQL cursors need to be cached for optimal performance, then you should
that the session_cached_cursors parameter is increased appropriately.

This issue is bug number 3150705. "

How to findout the optimal value for the session_cached_cursors?

Maximum open cursor for a session from v$open_cursor is 145 and the
session_cached_cursor values is 128. 


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> Subject:      ORA-4031 on
> We are using oracle on HP 11.11. The v$sgastat monitoring shows
> that the 'shared pool miscellaneous' is keep growing and ORA-4031 occurs
> in few days. The  session_cached_cursors, value is 128 and the
> open_cursors is 600. What does the 'shared pool miscellaneous' refers to
> and any known bugs on ORA-4031 on
> Any script is available for the pro-active monitoring and take some action
> to avoid it before the application start throwing the error message?
> Value of _kghdsidx_count is 2. Shared_pool_size was increased from 250M to
> 600M.
> Thanks,
> Raja


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