Re: ORA-01555 seems bogus

  • From: Kellyn Pedersen <kjped1313@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dave.Herring@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 19:58:26 -0800 (PST)

Hey Dave,
Have you tried a different approach and investigated what is actually in your 
UNDO tablespace?  How much space do you really have available to allocate to 
the process?  It does sound like you have investigated the current direction 
with some depth and 
I would also be curious to see the query utilized stating the process had a 
12,000 second duration.  Some of the information in the undo views can be a bit 
misleading, where a previous statement might be the culprit instead of the 
current one.
I might recommend looking in the undo tablespace at the queries that are not 
active, with a retention that is quite high, (I am always looking for those 
higher than the set undo_retention time) I've ordered these by the maxqueryid.  
You can also use the query below and change what you want to look deeper into 
the undo at what EXACTLY is in your undo, not just unactive, etc...
select vst.sql_text, vu.maxqueryid, vu.maxquerylen, vu.tuned_undoretention  
from v$undostat vu, v$session vs, v$sqltext vst
where vu.tuned_undoretention > 43200  <--set this to your undo_retention!!
and vu.maxqueryid=vst.sql_id
and vst.piece=0
and vu.maxqueryid not in  vs.sql_id
group by vst.sql_text,vu.maxqueryid,vu.maxquerylen, vu.tuned_undoretention
order by vu.maxqueryid;

If you run the above query, do you see your accused statement?  Then you have 
an avenue to look down for what is behind this statement and why it might still 
be utilizing undo if it's not active.  First look at the code that the SQL_ID 
belongs to:
select o.owner, o.object_name, o.object_type, s.program_line#
from v$sql s, dba_objects o
where sql_id = '<SQL_ID>'
and s.program_id=o.object_id;
This will give you the exact object and line the statement comes from, 
(especially helpful if you have code like mine where it's re-used often...)
Next, if this code is listed as the issue, then you are going to have to "prove 
it innocent"...  Trace back through the session to the prev_id,  (use the 
sql_id from your statement and then select from v$session where prev_id equals 
it.)  See if it is being mistakenly blamed and this should aim you to the 
processes that are eating up the undo if it's a still active process or a 
background process if it's a process that's gone awry.
Hope this helps,
Kellyn Pedersen
Multi-Platform DBA
I-Behavior Inc.
"Go away before I replace you with a very small and efficient shell script..."

--- On Sat, 2/6/10, Herring Dave - dherri <Dave.Herring@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Herring Dave - dherri <Dave.Herring@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: ORA-01555 seems bogus
To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010, 8:10 PM

Folks, I've got a curious situation where we're getting regular ORA-01555 
errors yet they don't seem correct.  First a few things on the set up:

* 4-node RAC (+ 4-node RAC DG)
* RHEL 8 x 64GB servers

The query returned in the error is doing a full scan of a 3,100 row table, 
which takes less than 1 sec to complete.  I've tried the same query repeatedly 
and it always takes less than one second, even when trying it while ORA-01555 
errors are being returned saying that query is failing elsewhere.  The query is 
run 10,000+ times per day, always run from the same node.

The ORA-01555 error lists this query as having a duration of around 12,000 
seconds each time, which from what I can tell is impossible.  Again, it's a 
3,100 row table, no parallelism, 1 index (which isn't used by this query).  I 
checked LAST_ANALYZED and the table hasn't been analyzed in 4 days.  I checked 
DBA_TAB_MODIFICATIONS and it's had around 200 DML's since it was analyzed, but 
the last of which was 2 days ago.

So is Oracle returning the wrong query?  Is the ORA-01555 bogus?  Checking 
GV$UNDOSTAT, SSOLDERRCNT matches the # of ORA-01555 we're seeing (87 today, all 
the same query).  All instances have the same UNDO_RETENTION (3600) and 
similarly sized undo tablespaces.

Any clues how to catch the trouble making queries?

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