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Fuzzy greybeard (I love that email address!)

I'm not in sales or legal, and have no quota, so you may choose to disbelieve 
me if you wish.  :)


However, I think the licensing HYPERLINK 
 does make it pretty clear:


    Enterprise Manager includes a restricted-use license of the Oracle Database 
for use only with the Oracle Management Repository or other complementary 
repositories included with Enterprise Manager (such as, Real User Experience 
Insight, Load Testing, and Functional Testing).


    Additional database options or additional servers for disaster recovery 
require separate licensing. Customers receive one single-instance database with 
the Cloud Control, or RMAN, repository. To protect the repository with Data 
Guard, customers need to purchase a license for the standby site. To protect 
the repository with Oracle Real Application Clusters, customers must license 
the second node for the database, and both nodes require an Oracle Real 
Application Clusters license.


    Use of Oracle WebLogic Server with Oracle Enterprise Manager is restricted 
to the servlet functionality without clustering for the Oracle Management 
Service (OMS).


    Use of Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder is licensed, as long as a the 
assemblies are deployed through Enterprise Manager.


    Oracle Enterprise Manager includes restricted use of Oracle Business 
Intelligence Publisher and Business Intelligence Mobile for use with Enterprise 
Manager functions and interfaces only.






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Thanks for the rewording.  I now catch your meaning.

I've decided that their license conditionals "a separate database may be used 
for the RMAN repository" + "a separate database may be used for the OMR" should 
be two separate databases [as long as all targets are properly licensed] , 
which makes them each properly licensed, and then 

you should be able to use DG Logical to provide protections.  ;-)   

(Sophistry, I say!  Sophistry!!  A delight to nimble minds and lawyers



Needless to say, the entire discussion of standby DB and this variant will 
likely always require Oracle sales and legal to interpret, and thus will almost 
always be determined entirely by delta-to-quota.




On 13/04/2012 1:46 PM, Tim Hall wrote:

> OK. To revise my statement...


> It is my understanding that DG is only allowed as an option on a fully 

> licensed EE database. If you want the OMR protected using DG you have 

> to pay full whack for the EE licenses.


> I would be very happy to be proved wrong. :)


> Of course, as with any Oracle licensing issue, the only way to be sure 

> it to get about 16 independent quotes and compare them, factoring in 

> the over-licensing suggested by the sales people in an attempt to get 

> the new Porsche a bit quicker. :)


> Cheers


> Tim...









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