OEM10g Grid Control on AIX

  • From: "Ronald S Cetnar" <RCetnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 14:18:13 -0400

Has anyone installed OEM on AIX 5.2  We don't have GUI terminal
on the AIX server and having a problem with the installation using
x-server.  We have x-server running on the aix sever and run the viewer
on the desktop.  First we tried x-windows and Oracle said we needed to
use VNC or eXceed for the x-server.  I used VNC and having no luck.  The
install gets so far and fails in the OC4J configuration (after running
for 90 minutes).  I've open a case with Oracle and they wanted me to run
the x-server and viewer on the desktop.  Doesn't work.  Oracle did state
that there are problem running OEM10g grid contol on AIX.  Just
wondering if anyone got it installed and running on AIX.  I don't want
to keep kicking a dead horse.  You can email directly,



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