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OEM is "oracle's", so my analogy goes something like this:  Its like gravity; 
you can't resist, and oracle will put more a more into OEM sooner or later - 
akin to Microsoft.   (eg.  You wanted to use WordPerfect and Lotus123, but in 
the end there was only so much you can invest, and... eventually caved under 
the weight created by Microsoft.   That most people do not wish to learn 
multiple programs, and thus it turns out that everyone else uses Word and Excel 
- ipso facto, doesn't matter if one is better than another, Microsoft floated 
to the top).     I think that eventually, like this analogy, oracle is going to 
make it a reality somehow that you want or wish you had OEM in house.

So, to continue, since Foglight for oracle is not cheap, having both is not 
practical.     Spend some extra money on DBOptimizer to go with the monitoring 

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So, today we had a very boring and long presentation by Quest about foglight... 
I must admit I spaced out 10 minutes in, so I honestly don't know what they are 
offering... they are saying that their product is the best and I think it's a 
lot cheaper that OEM... so my question goes out there to you, the community 
whose opinion I respect. If you had the choice of staying with OEM or 
implementing foglight, what would you do? why?

my curiosity tells me to go with spotlight just because it's something I don't 
know... and I like to challenge myself... my lazy side is telling me to stick 
with OEM which I know how to break and sometimes even how to fix...

My obsessive side is gathering all the information it can to make an informed 
recommendation to management... so... here I am.

Thanks in advance

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