RE: OEM and the HTTP Listener

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I have 10g EM running on a solaris box, monitoring an 8, a 9, and a 10 =
database;  apache runs only on the box running the oms service (em10g), =
a 10 agent runs on the servers where the target databases run.  The only =
v10 service running on the target servers is the agent and a perl parent =
process; there was no modification of the listeners on the target =
servers, they don't run http, don't run http listener either, but they =
can still resolve pages run from a browser (not launched from the server =
running apache) of the format:
h t t p://   =20
apparently this is resolved using 'http connectivity' between the target =
and oms servers; maybe another lister can explain how this works?


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I thought I'd give the 10G version of OEM a try.  I vaguely recall it =
uses an HTTP listener on the monitored database for reasons I cannot =3D
recollect.  Is this ture, and if so is it necessary.  I've always held =
the opinion running such a listener on the database was inviting =3D
trouble, and have never allowed one.

Ian MacGregor
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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