RE: OCP DBA question?

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Maybe not worth it for you, but that depends - many employers still
require certification.  I learned a lot from my studying for the
certifications, but that was a result of the effort I put into it.  I
also read the material thoroughly and practice to make sure I understand
the concepts and don't just remember the syntax for the test.
I took the online (instructor-led) course a few years back and it did
quailify for the Oracle course back then, but that could've changed by
now so you'd better confirm with Oracle.  Funny thing is that you don't
really even have to be there - you could just log your PC in for the
course and then go out to the beach for the day, so the whole course
requirement is a joke as far as I'm concerned.  I think it serves more
to make extra money for Oracle Education rather than improve the image
of the OCP.


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its not worth the cost of an oracle course to get certified. I am
certified and it has little to no value. if you just want to learn the
information and prove that you know it, then study for the tests. 

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        OCA doesn't have any pre-requisits. Without attending any OU
course, one can sit for OCA.
        In order to complete OCP, one need to provide the pre-requisit
course attendance details before.

        2. Does a online course/CBT perhaps qualify as a hands on?
        This need to cross check with the prerequisits. Or probably
sending an email to ocp exam team would be good idea.

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                I have been wanting to do my certification for awhile
but as a contractor it means having to loose income and paying ZAR12000
which equates to a huge chunk of finance in South Africa.
                My question is this:
                1. Can I write the exams and do the required hands on
course at the end or is it a requirement for doing at the begining of
the certification.
                2. Does a online course/CBT perhaps qualify as a hands
on? (As time is a problem - always :-) Lets face it passing the exam is
the point is it not? Rather than warming an Oracle University seat?

        Best Regards,
        Syed Jaffar Hussain
        Oracle ACE
        8i,9i & 10g OCP DBA
        "Winners don't do different things. They do things differently."

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