Re: Newbies welcome, or not?

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Hi Jared and all,

A point I would make is let's not devalue the usefulness of so-called
"newbie" contributions. As I've said in the past, if someone discloses a
"technical truth", it doesn't make it any less truthful (or useful) if it's
made by a one week Oracle newbie. And if someone makes a "technical
mistake", it doesn't make it any less wrong if it's made by a 20 year Oracle
guru. Experience is not always a perfect guide for the usefulness of a

Whilst teaching Oracle to newbies, I would invariably be taught something in
return. I'm sure the case would be the same here for many on the list.



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> ANYBODY who would type ANYTHING in as root WITHOUT knowing what it
> does EXACTALLY should not have root access, is not responsable
> enough to have root access and needs to WAKE UP and LEARN the "man"
> good lord, people, what happened to personal responsibility and
> professionalism?
So, what's the consensus?

Should be welcome folks with little experience, or make it clear that
they should come back when they know what they're doing?

My vote is for trying to be helpful, even to those with annoyingly
simple questions.  If I don't care to answer, I leave it for someone else.

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