Re: New NetApp storage

  • From: "Mark Brinsmead" <pythianbrinsmead@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jkstill@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 18:15:47 -0600

You may want to ask about ASYNC I/O, and DIRECT I/O -- specifically if these
are supported on NetApp filers for your particular platform, and what hoops,
if any, you need to jump through to make them work.

It couldn't hurt to discuss "optimal" mount options for your NFS
filesystems, either.

On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 3:33 PM, Jared Still <jkstill@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We are moving our databases (and some other stuff) to NetApp.
> This is my first experience with NetApp and using NFS as storage.
> Thursday I am meeting with some NetApp technical reps.
> What are some of the questions I should be asking these folks?
> We've already discussed IOPs and determined what is needed
> in that regard, but I'm sure there must be more items to discuss
> that are specific to NetApp and FTP.
> Thanks,
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> Jared Still
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-- Mark Brinsmead
Senior DBA,
The Pythian Group

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