RE: NetApp flier - based snapshots and db backups

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That's correct.  What's very exciting about Netapp snapshots, too, is that if 
you get the FlexClone option, you can make multiple read-write copies of your 
snapshots, and those copies only take up as much space as the data that is 
changed.  So, you could give each developer a full copy of your production 
database, and assuming they're not going to change a lot of data in the 
database, they can run it to their heart's content.  Then, every week, or every 
few weeks, destroy and recreate the snapshots from production.

Very cool stuff.


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Just to help clarify, and make sure I understand correctly - I think
what you're both saying is that you could use the copied data, control
and online log files to start another copy of the database instance,
which would then perform crash recovery, i.e. roll forward through the
online logs and then rollback any uncommitted transactions.  However you
could not apply any archived logs to the copied database.  Please let me
know if I've got it wrong.

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