Re: Need some input regarding ASM Error on ASM Instance

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  • Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 13:59:20 -0700

you need to follow the trail.
as the error points .
the error is in cluster group service operations which means there is something 
goign on with the clusterware. Use the doc below to follow the trail to the 
10g/11gR1: Diagnosing 'ORA-29702: error occurred in Cluster Group Service 
operation' (Doc ID 848622.1)


On Tuesday, October 21, 2014 3:05 PM, Chris Taylor 
<christopherdtaylor1994@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


ASM instance =
Database instance =
Clusterware version =
OS = Red Hat 5.7

I'm on a new client site and I'm doing some fact finding about their 
While logged into their +ASM instance, I did the following:

select * from v$asm_disk;  (just to see the disks that are allocated)

I received the following error:

select * from v$asm_disk
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
ORA-29702: error occurred in Cluster Group Service operation
ORA-29702: error occurred in Cluster Group Service operation

When this happened, the Production Oracle DB connected to this ASM instance 
started complaining about ENQ: SQ - Contention on SYS objects.  I'm curious if 
these 2 events are related and am still investigating.

So, here's my question:
Has anyone seen this ORA-15032 when logged into their ASM instance directly and 
querying V$ASM_DISK ?  We're seeing the ORA-15032 from our prod instance 
occasionally and we think we have a patch to apply for that but now I'm 
wondering if it's something deeper. 

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