Need some RMAN duplicate help (using a former incarnation)

  • From: "Taylor, Chris David" <ChrisDavid.Taylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 10:55:06 -0500

Ok, I'm a bit stumped here.

Here's is what I need to do:

1.)    Restore OLD database as it existed in 2009 while KEEPING current 
database intact using RMAN CATALOG

2.)    Use DUPLICATE to restore the database in question (?)

I've restored the backup files from tape for the date I need.  I do NOT have a 
backup controlfile though it seems.

The database has been refreshed on 11-AUG-2009 but I need data from 31-JUL-2009.

Running the DUPLICATE with UNTIL TIME returns RMAN-20207: UNTIL TIME or 
RECOVERY WINDOW is before RESETLOGS time (I expected this)

Here are my incarnations:

List of Database Incarnations
DB Key  Inc Key DB Name  DB ID            STATUS  Reset SCN  Reset Time
------- ------- -------- ---------------- --- ---------- ----------
1433279 1433359 DEV1     3303551592       PARENT  5343179644 11-OCT-08
1433279 1433280 DEV1     3303551592       CURRENT 6567154252 11-AUG-09

I don't think the BACKUP PIECES are in the CATALOG so I think I will need to 
catalog those but not positive.

If I do a "RESET DATABASE TO INCARNATION", will that mess up my target database 
(the one I want to keep)?

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