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Well, if there are no PK constraints defined in the database for 60% of
your tables then there are no FK constraints defined to 60% of your
tables.  This could be a problem or you could just have a huge number of
transition/interface tables used to load or extract data from your
database.  You probably need to look a little closer at what the tables
are used for.
Generally speaking it is good form to define PK constraints on every
table that has a suitable PK candidate.  Tables used only as part of a
load or extract process often have no need for a PK since it will never
be used, but this should be a small percentage of the total.

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        I just started at a new company about 4 months ago and I noticed
that about 4800 of the 7900 tables ( 60% ) do not have primary keys. 
        Is this a problem that I should bring to management or is it
more based on the business/application needs? 
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