Re: Need Compress utility on Linux

  • From: Mladen Gogala <mgogala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: rlsmith@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 11:57:27 -0500

Smith, Ron L. wrote:

>We have been using the standard Oracle export piped into the Compress
>utility on Unix for years.  Now we are moving to Linux and the Compress
>will not handle files over 2G.  Is there another version of Compress
>available for Linux or is someone using another export / import method?
Ron, there is a whole slew of compression utilities on Linux. The first 
one that you can take a look and
then turn your head away in disgust, is the good, old zip. It works on 
Windoze, it works on Linux,
it works on Unix, it works on Mac. It works everywhere, but the 
compression is not all that great.
The next utility to look at is gzip. It is also extremely portable, fast 
and usually provides a good compression
ratio. It is also incorporated in a little command called "tar" which 
you may feel like using from time to time,
once you switch to Linux.  The utility  that has the best compression 
ratio is bzip2. It does beautiful job with compression, but it consumes 
a lot of CPU power to do that.  There is even a parallel  version of  
bzip2 which
can peg your machine for 30 or so, for a large 6GB file, but will do a 
beautiful job on compressing your data.
In addition to that, there are the ultimate compression utilities called 
rm and fdisk which compress your data to nothing and do that quickly. 
Very quickly.   Your data is irreversibly  moved to the higher plane of 
Those two utilities are extremely popular among pranksters.

Mladen Gogala
Oracle DBA
Ext. 121


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