RE: (NEW) very interesting thing about migrate db from different OS(oracle,not 10G)

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I personal don't have  first hand experience wih this but...
a while back on another list there was a long thread on the very

Seems it all has mostly to do with  "Little Endian" vs. "Big Endian".

Once of the dba's on the list promised that he regularly moved (copied)=20
his Oracle database on windows x86 (NTFS?) to Red Hat Linux x86 (EXT3?).

I never got the time to try it.

I do remember that several people on the list (smarter than I) explained
clearly that=20
it was NOT the file system type that makes the difference but "Little
Endian" vs. "Big Endian" issue.


Chris Marquez
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we  find a  very  interesting thing:

we  copy the  WINDOWS2000  datafile  to linux (they  have  the  same
byte  order)

and , dd a  linux  datafile header to  cover the  windows datafile
header(the  header  block  is not  include in  dba_data_files),the
block  is  not  seem in  database ,it  is  for  OS. ls -l  can  see
,the  datafile  size  is  bigger than  dba_data_files for  one  oracle

when  we  change  the  OS  file  header,we  can  create  controlfile and
open  the  database ,and  we  can  query /create table ... etc.

the  db  version  is  oracle9204,not  10g.  and  someone  told  me that
he  can copy  the datafile from windows and solaris for  x86 pc   to
linux , and  not  change  the  header  with  oracle8i.

is  there someone  can  discuss it?

Best regards
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