RE: My 10 Commandments of Database Administration...

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Hmm. The end_date of a login is an unknown value when the login is not yet
ended. That sounds right to me.
The end_date of a login is probably also unknown to Applications in the
event of an abrupt termination. (And maybe the database too, if the abrupt
event was a crash. Even if the database stays up, I'm not sure what value
you'd like to stuff in there.) So a NULL in end_date correctly describes the
information that the end_date of the login is unknown.

I think this illustrates that attempting to ASCRIBE MEANING to a NULL value
other than it is unknown is the problem.

I think you're the one who gets to start cooking for Nuno. (Also possibly
someone in documentation at Oracle if they wrote that a NULL end_date in
fnd_login means anything other than it is unknown when that login ended.)

Slight amendment to Ryan's #11: Thou shalt feed me whatever I want if....
(and usually it's gonna be pizza and beer, but I'm not ruling out Chinese.)


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Dear God!  Oracle Financials uses NULL in end_date on fnd_login to
indicate either the current login or an abrupt termination of the user
session neatly making your point and potentially providing with an
enourmous number of cooks!


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Quoting from AUTHOR ryan gaffuri:
> 11. Thou shalt feed me if I have to work late to fix something you=20
> broke.
> I'm a single guy...

Nuno's design corollary #1:

Thou shall not use end_date =3D NULL to mean "current row" of ANYTHING!
NULL has NO MEANING whatsoever: it does NOT mean "current"!

Under penalty of having to cook for Nuno (and I'm a heavy bloke)...


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