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  • From: Norman Dunbar <oracle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 16:34:18 +0100

hi Howard,

On 17/07/12 16:11, Howard Latham wrote:
> I'm running 10 and 11 on the same box REDHAT Enterprise
> I'm sure Oracle had a script that read oratab and started say a 9 a 10 and
> an 11 database using the correct homes.
>   Or Did I dream it?

I think you need to install the orarun package. However, be aware that 
it "works" up to a point.

We have it on a couple of servers and after a recent update to 11203, 
it's been found that /etc/profile/ is still setting TNS_ADMIN 
to 11202. :-(

Other problems with code installed by this package is that the startup 
script will only ever start up a listener named LISTENER. Ours have 
separate listeners for each database (or number of databases for a 
particular app with more than one) and because we are running clustered, 
failing over ignores the listeners - as does startup/shutdown of the server.

I had to write a pile of code to parse the listener.ora, extract the 
listener name and then start/stop that as required.

I get the impression that orarun is fine, when you only have one version 
of Oracle installed. Forget it if you have more. We are now in the 
process of binning it altogether - it's causing too many problems.


Other people may have had better mileage than us, time will tell.



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