RE: Multiplex Redo Logs with Mirrored Disks?

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This protects you against a single disk failure but doesn't protect you
against other things, such as fat fingering a redo log or (in my case)
encountering a firmware bug in a controller that hoses a file system.


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Is there any need to multiplex redo logs with mirrored disks (e.g.,
RAID-1 or RAID-1+0)?
Example- Oracle recommends multiplexing redo logs on separate disks,
like redo01a.log on Disk1 and redo01b.log on Disk2, etc.

However, now that mirrored disks are in common use with RAID-1+0,
RAID-1, etc. it seems that sufficient protection is in place to use only
a single copy of each redo log.  This would also provide the benefit of
reduced disk I/O to write redo information to disk.

Anyone disagree?

Best regards,

David B. Wagoner
Database Administrator


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