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  • Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 09:52:29 -0600

Actually, I ran into issues using a listener for an
DB.  I think it had to do with auto-registration or some such.  It would
be even more helpful if I had actually documented this back in May '04
when I discovered it.


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You could have the same listener to configure all three.  But that is
not the best practice.
If you need to maintenance on one Oracle Home that requires a listener
bounce then, the
other's will be effected.  Also, please verify the listener version
support between
and 8.0.6.


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Subject: Multiple Listener

I have three Oracle software in one server 8.06, 817 and and
each one is having one instance running on the server. Do I need to run
three listener for all three Database separately on 3 different Port or
there is any way that I can use one Listener to take care of all Client


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