RE: Moving schema from 10g on Windows to 10g AIX 5L?

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That is a feature that I am very interested in: can 10g RMAN convert 9i
tablespace from another platform? This is the situation: my production 
database is on Solaris ( and my toy database is, as might be
expected, on Linux. Our developers are eager to try some new tricks on 10g
and would like me to create them a full size copy of production. Export
import is, as might be expected, a slow and painful process and I would like
to shortcut it by converting tablespaces from the 9.2 database.
Unfortunately, 9.2 is also RAC with raw devices and the sysadmin is not
overly happy by my suggesting dd/scp combination. He will give his consent
if I can convert 9.2 tablespace from Solaris into 10g ( on RH EL
4.0) but I am not allowed to try it before. So, I am in the catch-22
situation. Do I stand a chance or is my idea completely outlandish and 

Mladen Gogala
Ext. 121

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Look into cross platform transportable tablespaces.  In 10g it may well be
the fastest way to move data between two different OS's (though at 30 gig,
you're not moving huge amounts and expdp/impdp via a network pipe may be
comparable - never tested it to see).


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