RE: Moving data to tablespace with new name

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Also if the tables that you are moving have LOB columns you have to precreate 
the table first, changing the LOB storage to the new tablespace. I ran into 
this a few times.


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if you make sure that the new (intended) destination tablespace is set as the
default tablespace for the user performing the import, and if you make sure the
importing user also has sufficient quota on that tablespace, import will create
the tables in the new tablespace.

in general, if the create table command fails during import because the
tablespace doesn't exist, the tables are crteated in the importing user's
default tablespace. so you just have to make sure that there is no tablespace in
the destination database with the original name. hope this helps,

kind regards,

Steve Adams Seminar

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Subject: Moving data to tablespace with new name

We want to move application data from one database to another.  However, in the
new database we want to change the tablespace names so that they follow 
a new naming convention.   What is the easiest/most efficient way of doing 

If we initially change the tablespace names and then try and do an import, won't
the import fail?
Is there an easy way to create a new tablespace and copy everything into it and
then drop the old tablespace?

The original database is   We want to try and copy into one 
database and one  They original database is on a seperate server than
the two new databases (the OS's are all Solaris).

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