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Moving RMAN Disk Backup FilesAFAIK, you cannot use rman to move or duplicate
a database to a different OS.  You have to use exp/imp for this.

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This question pertains to Oracle on Winblows.

Is there a way to convince RMAN to use backup files from a location other
than where they were created?

I was duplicating a database from an old RMAN backup on a Windows system
that has an entirely different disk configuration than the server it
normally runs on. The RMAN backups are written to d:\oracle\backups. When I
tried to restore the database on the new box, RMAN insisted on looking for
the backup files in d:\oracle\backups. Unfortunately, the d: drive on the
new machine is a CDROM. Try as I might, I couldn't find a way to make RMAN
look somewhere else for the backup files. Eventually I got around the
problem by disabling the CDROM and mapping a network drive as d: to the c:
drive. This worked but it seems like a Mickey Mouse solution.

Did I miss something easy? Is there a way to tell RMAN where to find the
backup files?

Mark Stahlke
Oracle D'ohBA
Denver Newspaper Agency

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