Re: Move table partition in parallel

  • From: Tanel Põder <tanel.poder.003@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 00:18:47 +0900

Which version are you on?

Intra-partition parallelism isn't available in earlier versions.

Also, if nothing else helps you could try to create table as select in parallel from your partition to a table in new location and exchange the partition with the new table.


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Nop - no subpartitions. IMHO I can't even move the whole partition if
table is subpartitioned but had to move rather each subpartition. Just
like cannot move the whole partitioned table with one command.
Thanks, Alex

2006/4/30, Connor McDonald <mcdonald.connor@xxxxxxxxx>:

Purely hypothesizing here [subtext: I'm too lazy to start my db on the
weekend...], but perhaps parallel move of a partition is limited to the the
subpartition level, ie, if you've got subpartitions that you they'll get a
slave each ?


-- Best regards, Alex Gorbachev --


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