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As Dick says, it's important what you are monitoring and why and for whom. I 
work for one of those remote managed services companies that provides 
monitoring across the globe across enterprises. Most of these tools are great 
when you are inside the firewall next to the db server. Try to report outside a 
firewall with any of them and they generally fall flat because the security 
folks either won't open that port or won't let that data out. We had to roll 
our own if you will and use basic services such as sqlplus, mailx, ftp, scp to 
monitor. It's not pretty, but what it produces is.

Just another thought,


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OH heck, I guess I'll put in my two cents as well.  
The question that you need to answer before selecting software is what are you 
trying to monitor, for what audience, and what privileges in the database will 
they require.  For us Grid Control is the monitoring software of choice for 
the database management group, but that leaves our developers and managers out 
in the cold since we don't want to grant them any privileges, especially in 
production.  Basically for them we want a look, but no touch system.  
That was not something that I could find on the open source or other markets, 
I built my own based on what the developers and managers needed.  Yes it's 
very niche in it's functionality, but they love it.  It has zero impact on 
the databases, does not maintain a connection, does not expose any app data 
(auditors really like the fact that the account it's logged into can only see 
the data dictionary), and being done in PHP is very easy to maintain.  For 
us, subject closed.
Senior Oracle 
DBA/NA Team Lead 
PAREXEL International 

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would recommend Zenoss – one thing about this package is that some of the key 
developers on the database agent side I know personally, and they have 
experience deploying this to monitor DB servers numbering in the 
thousands.  Zenoss scales to very large numbers of servers when others tend 
to fall flat.   


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