RE: Mirroring redo log groups or not ?

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Here! Here!

Tim is quite right to encourage naming that says "Do not remove me." or even
"DO NOT REMOVE ME." That protocol will reduce the chances of automated error
and raise (lower?) the bar of stupidity required to manually remove redo
logs that are in use.

My point is simply that the person who deletes *.rdo will probably do it on
all the drives.

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One situation I've witnessed....

A lot of people create the online redo log files with the file-extension 
of ".log".  A lot of SysAdmins have a "cron"-initiated script that 
removes files named ".txt", ".log", ".lst", etc that are older than N 
days old from certain file-systems, or sometimes when a file-system is 
filling up someone will run a "find" command to find big text files 
(i.e. ".log" is a good candidate) and get rid of them.  Put the two 
together and you've got the perfect storm.

For my part, I always use the file-extension of ".rdo" or just plain old 
".dbf", but never ".log".  Of course, someone can still remove files 
with those extensions, but I feel the probability is smaller...

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Hemant K Chitale wrote:
> VERY TRUE.  I've never bought the argument that mirroring online redo logs
is a protection from DBA error.
> ---  wrote:
> There is no protocol that can protect you from human error bysomeone with
> authority to remove an online log file.
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