Re: Migration from 8i to 11g

  • From: David Ramírez Reyes <dramirezr@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Subodh Deshpande <deshpande.subodh@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 13:15:39 -0600

Thanks to all for your answers, here's some replies to some comments:
- I already tried to migrate directly from 11g to 8i, but that was not
possibility because 8i is not supported by 11g; I even tried to migrate
from 8i to 10g and then migrate to 11g, but the same error happened (seems
like I would need some patch to my 8i version, but as it is not supported
by Oracle, forget about it!).
- The "tests" I have made have been with using imp/exp tool, which shows
thousands of errors but at the end works (create the objects, users and
grants). We have 8 production instances (all with DEV and TEST
environments) and we have just tested with DEV. The CIO words were "find
the way, does not matter how" so, that's what we have been doing...
- About the applications, that's what we were more worried about, but we
found a "way" to make them work just by upgrading the Oracle client (most
of them are desktop applications, that could be considered a pro or con,
depends the perspective...)
- We (the DBA's) were the first to celebrate this migration, cause we have
been working with a non-supported oracle version for a long time and thanks
to God we haven't had any disaster (I must say that 8i version is really
stable), but right now we consider this "jump" highly risky, cause there
are several things that have changed...

One more question for the ones that have more experience on 11g:

 I feel very comfortable with 10g version and am considering that 11g is a
kind of "10g release 3", am I correct? if not, I think we may have to dive
in all 11g documentation before continue...

Thanks again...

David Ramírez Reyes
Profesión: Padre de Familia

On 5 March 2012 12:31, Subodh Deshpande <deshpande.subodh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> David,
> if your tests are successful according to you then why you are worried..
> if upgrade path is proper then then the migration is not difficult..
> I would have chosen 8i(in 8i mostly you are using dictionary managed tbs
> and rbs, system and internal user)  to 9i (first time oracle introduced
> asm, undos, rman, sys user with sysdba and sysoper..list pl correct me if
> am wrong) with tbs migration and then from 9i to 10g (10204 is more stable)
> or 11g
> hope you also have a proper documentation of parameters used in 8i db and
> to be used in 10g or 11g
> also hope you have a proper documentation of grants, privis, roles used in
> 8i and to be used in 10g or 11g
> many of the parameters, grants, privs, roles are need to
> take into account this fact..
> Actually, this can be an exciting project, do not look at it as a insane
> migration..look at an opportunity to regenovate your application with very
> much advanced features, Technic, query enhancement, architectural
> changes..surely a feather in your crown..
> only I would like to ask you is you have not informed about
> application..if it is 8i then have you checked whether it can be still used
> using 11g..
> thanks..subodh
> On 5 March 2012 23:28, kathryn axelrod <kat.axe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >any other suggestions or comments we may take care of?
>> Probably not at all what you were looking for, but I can't help but ask:
>> Oracle doesn't support a direct 8i>11gR2 upgrade (551141.1) so what
>> happens if something goes wrong during the upgrade/you encounter a
>> completely wonky bug right after?
>> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 5:39 AM, David Ramírez Reyes <dramirezr@xxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>> > Hello all!
>> > We have some old instances running on Oracle 8i ( and right now
>> we
>> > are planning to migrate those to the latest version of Oracle (11g
>> release
>> > 2); I know that this is maybe an insane migration, but we as DBA's,
>> don't
>> > have that decision in our hands (this idea comes directly from the CIO,
>> we
>> > would like to migrate to 10g first).
>> >
>> > We have made some tests and the migration seems to be clean, but I must
>> say
>> > that this is the first time am using 11g and I would not like to find
>> any
>> > "surprise" when moving...
>> >
>> > Apart from the client upgrade, any other suggestions or comments we may
>> > take care of?
>> >
>> > Any information is appreciated!
>> >
>> > Regards
>> >
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>> > David Ramírez
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