RE: Microsoft Windows, will rule in the next 8 years in the market

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        I beg to differ.  I think that cost will drive many IT shops off
of Windoze in that time.  Win 2003 is listed at $1500 per server + user
connection license costs have gone up.  We're looking at $200K to
upgrade our data center on Windoze.  Set that up against a $50K cost to
migrate to Linux & decisions get made, Fast.  Hence the CIO's 5 year

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA
Oracle Certified 8i DBA
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>From someone who has to use Windoze along with Linux & HP-UX. =20
>Windoze interface is proprietary, develop for that platform=20
>& you can't get multi platform independence. =20

Many businessmen and IT staff don't care.

>Having to reboot to clear 90% of one's errors is also not an acceptable
thing. =20

Obviously it is, because a huge percentage of the market buys it.

You assume that the average IT staffer:
1) knows that it doesn't have to be that way.
2) cares enough to learn another way.
3) cares enough to do the work to convince mgmt.
4) can competently convince mgmt of something.

I think you overestimate the average IT shop.

>Having to reboot after each software patch/load is not acceptable. =20


>Having to patch the OS 30 times a month to keep the=20
>hackers out is not acceptable.=20

Ditto.  Plus assumes they bother to do so.

>And having to reboot That every month to keep it running=20
>smoothly, not acceptable. =20


>End result, in 8 years Microsoft will have the same market share in
>operating systems as Apple has today in desktops. =20

And MS Windows won the battle against Apple because it was better?
easier to use? had a lower overall cost of ownership?

Nope.  It won because it had a cheaper initial buying price and big
companies jumped on the IBM PC bandwagon.

>I firmly believe we'll see the end of Windoze in the data center in
that time. =20

I don't believe you are right.  Would be nice if you were, but I
wouldn't count on it.


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