RE: Methods for testing RMAN backups?

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Just a note about a recent experience.  I had tested RMAN recovery using
an RMAN production backup that I FTP'ed from our production server to a
test server.  Everything went great.  Did it several times with no

Then I had the Unix admins restore a production backup from Netbackup to
the same test server.  This time the recovery failed because it did not
copy the control file as it should have.  I tried it several times with
the same result.  I haven't had time to try a backup from another day,
but it does have me concerned.


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I do this on all of my backups, production and other.  It doesn't hurt
anything.  But you should also try to do a real restore and recovery
from  a dropped table for example to make sure you know how to do this.


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Hi Tom,

RMAN>restore database validate;

Hope you do this on your production systems.
Just wanted to confirm that it doesn't mess up anything :)
I have long wanted to do this, but don't know whether there
is any other issue doing this ?

I am on / Solaris 8.

What's the version you do it on ? Have you tried it on 8i systems ?

Thanks in advance.

Prem Khanna J

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A good first test is to validate your backup.  Simply allocate a channel
and issue a "restore database validate;".  This does everything that a
restore would do except it does not touch the database.  Validate both
your database and archivelog backups.  This will prove that you can get
the backups off of tape or from disk, depending on the type of backup
you are doing.  I run a validate backup every week for all of our

After this, I would insist on performing a complete restore just so that
you know it can be done.

Good Luck!



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