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  When you merge range partitions, the partition definitions don't get
You can merge range partition A and range partition B to partition B if the
of partition B supports the data from parition A. 

 As an example if you two range partitions 

 20050617 -  Defined as less than June 17, 2005
 20050618 -  Defined as less than June 18, 2005

you can merge the partition 20050617 to 20050618. But you cannot merge the
other way
because the definition of 20050617 may not support the data in 20050618.


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From the Oracle 9.2 manual the Merge Partition Syntax is

ALTER TABLE [schema.]table
MERGE PARTITIONS partition1, partition2
[INTO PARTITION [new_partition] [partition_description]]

Is it possible to merge two partitions on date ranges into one of them
- Like  Parition 1 (for todays data) merged into partition 2
(Month-to-date) partition - and the definition of partitions also get

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