RE: Measure CPU utilization for a database

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For a moment in time.

Also the % is an average over the last X minutes, whatever that is.   I think 
you will find that if you add up all the CPU % busy for each instance on the 
host, the will sum to greater than 100%.

To actually 'average' each instance across 24 hours is much harder in that the 
CPU for each instance can fluctuate a lot.  Batch processing at night is also a 
facter that will make the CPU fluctuate

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Since this figure comes from the snapshot values which my formula was derived 
from, Can we use the values which are stored in dynamic views as mentioned in 
my calculation?

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Sreejith S Nair
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Go after awr INSTANCE CPU PERCENTAGES: % of busy cpu for instance. This
gives you instance cpu as percent of total host cpu.

Thank you.


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