RE: Materialized view options

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That is the internal information coming from SLOG$ and MLOG$ along with some
bitand translations of column info to define a materialized view that can be
executed again.

For instance if the dates do not match the original source system
materialized view then you can get a "younger than refresh error".

It also contains structural information such as if this is a materialized
view on prebuilt  table.


It is not information you need to be concerned with, except in understanding
that if you extracted the create materialized view you would not wish to
change or remove the information.

We performed a lot of MV moves of database at Amazon using a method that
included extracted this information from an export and later generating it
directly with PL/SQL. We made some modifications relative to prebuilt table
when we moved them before the feature was fully released so we could post
drop the snapshot maintaining the table.



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From a data pump import I can extract the following:


"GENERIC_LOOKUP", '2014-10-05 05:26:22', 0, 0, '2014-10-05 05:26:22', '', 0,
113919599748, 0, NULL), 2097472, 8, ('2010-11-17 13:59:51', 1229, 0, 0,
113919599748, 0, 0, 2, NULL, NULL)) REFRESH COMPLETE AS SELECT 



Can anyone tell me what the highlighted portion is telling me?









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