RE: Masking Column at column level?

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  • Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 03:11:25 -0600

I'd ask the developer to explain the functionality he or she is after.  I've
never seen that term in the Oracle documentation...

My guess (hope?) is that the user is asking how to use
dbms_obfuscation_toolkit to generate secure MD5 hashes for passwords that he
wants to store in the database, but that is only a guess.

Justin Cave
Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

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Hello Gurus,

I have had one of our Developers tell me that he wants me to enable
"Oracle's password masking at column level".

My answer was Huh?

Do any of you know of such a thing? Specifically for Oracle on
Windows 2K.

I have been reading up in the fine docs but I don't find any reference to
such ability.

Should there not be such a thing, as I suspect there isn't, what could I
suggest they use?






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