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  • Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:44:56 -0400

you just take away the privileges for making tablespaces in the database? I don't get the issue.

TOAD is a good tool for developers. all of our software engineers have it installed. Makes their job alot easier. They are not oracle people., so you cant expect them to become oracle experts. If it makes them more productive its a good idea.

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Subject: Managing developers recommendations

Hi all,
My developers (who currently just use SQL Plus) now are wanting to use Quest TOAD. From what I've used it in the past, it is far too powerful for developers. (I don't trust my developers with creating tablespaces, etc.). Plus, I've found that TOAD is far too easy to delete objects, etc.
Any recommendations, etc would greatly be appreciated!
-Fred S.

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