Re: Managing CPU_COUNT for micro-partitioning on AIX

  • From: "Alex Gorbachev" <gorbyx@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Brandon.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 14:54:27 +0200

The same way on HP Superdomes and we never had problems with that. I
guess the only thing is that Oracle must be linked correctly in the
beginning. For Linux, I think that should be using SMP kernel.

2006/7/4, Allen, Brandon <Brandon.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

We're running on AIX 5.3 with LPARs and my Unix admins threw in a
few extra tenths of a CPU in our production environment without even giving
me any advanced notice, which I wasn't too happy about considering we hadn't
even tested it, but Oracle seemed to handle it without any problems and
cpu_count magically went up from 8 to 10.  Honestly, I'm not even sure how
many tenths of physical CPUs I'm running on.  All I know is what it looks
like according to topas, vmstat, sar and Oracle, which are all in agreement
that there were 8, and are now 10, virtual/logical CPUs, but I don't really
know exactly how it's configured behind the scenes other than that there are
really only 4 multi-core CPUs in the box.  My Unix admins like to keep me in
the dark as much as possible so I don't ask too many questions.  You'll
notice when you run the AIX 5.3 performance utilities there are metrics
called ent and entc% or something like that - can't remember for sure off
the top of my head, but these represent the number of virtual CPUs your LPAR
is entitled to, and the % of your entitlement you are consuming.


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