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Hi Joel,

As one of the directors of MOTS 2010, I can tell you that there is no event 
scheduled for 2011...(maybe in 2012?)

On another mailing list I'm on, some folks made noises about potentially having 
an event similar to MOTS, again immediately preceding OOW, but in another city, 
however, I've still not heard any official announcements, so, it's possible 
that didn't get off the ground.

Events coming up in the next several months that I'm interested in, include:
UKOUG2011 (first week of Dec, in Biromingham, UK, well worth the trip!)
Hotsos 2012 (first week of March in Dallas...this will be their 10 annual, and 
should be really good.)

And I'm sure there are many others, depending on where in the world you are and 
how far you're willing to travel... :)

Hope that helps,


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Now that something made me think of it again...    I was a little late last 
year, (this a little more $).

Anyone know anything about any symposiums this year.   I kind of liked 
Michigans last year.    Googling for it turns up 2010 promos.   Maybe I can get 
a head start this year.

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904 727-2546

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