Re: MEMORY leakage

  • From: J.Velikanovs@xxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 13:28:15 +0300

I would like to recommend you to read this paper:

This document explains a lot about Unix memory structures architecture and 
tools you can use to diagnose issues.
Whiten by Sun, but apply to any UNIX platform.

To get quicker to solution, On Solaris platform try /usr/proc/bin/pmap 


On 09.09.2004 06:05:33 oracle-l-bounce wrote:

>When I rebooted the Solaris box the memory was free 1130mb out 
>physical memory).After 2 hrs ONLY 46mb memory is free.All oracle 
>are eating 253mb around.Wondering  how to fix it?
>Is it Solaris level problem? Solaris 5.7  and 817.0.0 are running.
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