Looking for DBAs for "large Seattle-based Internet retailer"

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 15:12:24 -0700

Hi List -

Apologies for non-technical subject - see below for bonus technical tidbits!

Although primarily a technology consultant, I occasionally help my clients with recruiting. One of my clients, a prominent Seattle-based e-commerce pioneer, has asked me to help them find good DBAs.

If you are interested, email me. I personally worked there as a DBA for several years, so I know many of the DBAs and managers. They have an extensive Oracle-based infrastructure. Their needs often drive Oracle's development direction, thanks to their tight relationship with Oracle development. Even experienced DBAs learn a lot working for this company. When I was there, Oracle came on site to teach internals classes.

You can also apply on your own for these jobs, as you have by now guessed who the client is, but I believe I can provide a benefit to candidates through my long-standing association with the company and my technical expertise. This client expects me only to submit exceptional candidates. Accordingly, my submissions receive immediate and serious consideration.


Jeremiah Wilton
ORA-600 Consulting


Q: What are some of the new background processes in 11g?


VKTM - The virtual keeper of time provides wall-clock time and reference time for other sessions/processes.

FBAR :-) - (sadly now renamed to FBDA partway through the beta) The flashback data archiver writes old row-versions of tables with 'flashback archive' enabled into flashback data archives on commit. Anyone remember Oracle v.5 BIFs?

DIAG - The diagnosibility process (DIAG) runs oradebug commands and triggers diagnostic dumps as part of the new ADR (automatic diagnostic repository) feature, which is a replacement (and major enhancement) for the much-reviled RDA.

DIA0 - The "other" diagnosibility process detects hangs then triggers DIAG do take diagnostics.

SMCO/Wnnn - The space management coordinator and slaves perform space allocation and reclamation.

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